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NEW Customer

This means you are currently NOT a CenturyLink customer and need to set up an account from scratch.




Service Choices. You will have choices on the speed (200 Mbps or 940 Mbps) of broadband service when you subscribe.


To learn more about fiber installation, use this link CenturyLink.


Installation. The Installation Fee is $0 for Stakeholders who signed up on the Boulder Broadband website and order service while the Phase 1 project is open. There is no additional charge for CenturyLink to run the fiber drop from the pedestal to your home/business while the Phase 1 project is open.

Monthly Subscription. Lumen/CenturyLink is offering two speed packages at this time when you sign up for service:

200 Mbps - Monthly fee is $50, and the modem fee is $15.

There is an option to purchase the modem for ~$200.  Total cost is $65/month.

If you want to bundle copper telephone service the cost is another $20 per month for unlimited calling for a monthly total cost of $85, or $70 if you buy the modem plus tax

* Must sign up for online payments to receive this pricing

940 Mbps - Monthly fee is $65, which includes the modem.

If you want to bundle copper telephone service the cost is another $20 per month for unlimited calling for a total monthly cost of $85 plus tax.

* Must sign up for online payments to receive this pricing

IMPORTANT NOTE!  The above prices should be displayed using the web site, online chat, or if you are speaking to Customer Support.  If you DO NOT obtain these prices, inform the online chat or Customer Support, and insist that this is the pricing for the Boulder Junction Fiber Phase 1 project.


INSTALLATION DATE. Please remember there are several steps that Lumen needs to accomplish before they can install the new fiber services.  The steps include conducting a site visit to plan the fiber drop, verifying easements are in place for private road installations, locating public utilities, the drop contractor will need to bury the drop, and the CenturyLink technician will need to schedule time with you for the install.  In addition, we anticipate everyone will be placing their orders at the same time.  While Lumen has brought in extra help, your actual service install date may vary from what the online enrollment tool indicated for the date.  Lumen has indicated they will contact you if they experience delays in this process.

PRIVATE ROADS. For properties requiring an easement on a private road, Lumen is processing these as soon as the property owner signs and returns the easement (if you haven't done so, please do).  Once all of the easements for an area are completed, Lumen will need to schedule the fiber to be installed on the private road and place the pedestals so that you can obtain services.  This activity needs to occur before Lumen can do any of the installation activities.

YOUR TELEPHONE SERVICE.  If you have telephone service from CenturyLink,  you will keep your copper telephone line service after the fiber broadband is installed.  Lumen will not be installing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone service at this time.

YOUR OLD DSL SERVICE.  If you have DSL service from Lumen, it will terminate after the CenturyLink technician completes the fiber broadband installation and verifies it is working correctly.

SPEED TESTING.  When testing your broadband speed, please keep in mind the download speed you have ordered is determined at the ONT/modem/router and it may not represent the speed you receive through your internet connected devices.  Older devices (a year or more) have limited speed capability and generally WiFi is the most limited.  Many older PCs and WiFi devices are limited to 100Mbps or less.  Some new WiFi devices can deliver speeds over 1Gbps.  For best speed results, connect directly to the modem with a CAT6 or higher cable directly to your computer’s network card.

To learn more about our project, internet speeds, and FAQ use this link

IMPORTANT NOTE!  New technology can be intimidating, Use the resources on this page to help you. To get the best experience and the most out of your new service, please use the links above, read and learn.

Lets Get Started


Lumen is encouraging existing CenturyLink residential customers to use the new Call Center to order service at the phone number listed below:

New CenturyLink residential customers, who have access to the internet should try the online ordering instructions before calling the Call Center for Boulder Junctions' project.

This Call Center has been trained on Boulder Junction’s project and is available Monday thru Friday, 7am-  8pm to provide you with help.


Please, be prepared to provide your billing account number, billing zip code, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to identify yourself to the Lumen representative.

If you have questions after your order is placed, you can email Lumen at

Ordering Via Internet



CenturyLink Website

Use an internet browser and go to the CenturyLink Website.


Or use the button below



Order Fiber

Your browser should display the following screen.  Choose the "I Want Internet" button in the top right of the screen to move forward.




Enter Your Address.

Enter your address to load the offers that are available in your area and choose the "Start Now" button




Choose Your Speed & Order Your Service

You should have a choice of 940Mbps or 200Mbps by selecting the blue down arrow.  You will also be able to schedule your installation day.  Read through the screen carefully.  Once you have confirmed all of your choices you are ready to move forward with the "Continue" button.




Enter your Contact Information

Enter your contact information so CenturyLink can reach you with questions. It may also ask you to se up a profile for a My CenturyLink account.




Enter your Credit Card Information

Add your payment card info and choose "Place My Order Securely". You may also be prompted to set up a My CenturyLink account.  




Confirmation & Thank You Page

Your order has been placed!  Read through the Confirmation Page.  There is a possibility that Lumen/CenturyLink may call or email you to confirm or reschedule your installation date, as this is a unique project that requires trenching and laying fiber to your home.


Congratulations you are now on your way to getting fiber internet services!


What to Expect After



STEP 1 -  Mark Public Utilities.  Lumen will make the request to have your public utilities marked (natural gas, electrical, telephone lines) so the fiber optic cable drop can be placed in the ground to your home or business.

STEP 2 -  Mark ALL Private Utilities AND Draw a Site Plan.  (electrical wire, irrigation lines, septic and water lines, electric pet fences, etc.)  Then either provide it to Lumen’s fiber drop contractor Tjader & Highstrom, when they arrive or seal it in a plastic bag and place it on your fire number sign if you do not intend to be home when the drop is placed.

STEP 3 -  Decide Where You Would Like the Fiber to be Placed.  You will have discretion in determining where the fiber drop is placed and where the fiber optic cable enters your home/business.

STEP 4 -  Boring and Trenching.  Lumen’s fiber drop contractor, Tjader & Highstrom (New Richmond, WI), will bore and trench the fiber optic cable drop to your home or business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Now that we are moving into winter, there is a chance that the install team will lay temporary lines and do the trenching in Spring when the ground unfreezes.


Fiber Into your Home.  Once the fiber drop is placed the Lumen technician will need to route the fiber drop into your home or business and connect it to the electronic box (optical network terminal or ONT), unless you want it to be installed outside your home/business.  The ONT unit requires power to operate and it will need to be placed near an electric outlet to connect it.  In most cases the ONT will also be the modem/router, but in some cases, they will be separate devices.  The Lumen technician will need to enter your home/business to connect the modem/router and complete installation of your service.

STEP 1 -  Placement of ONT Device. Determine where you want the ONT placed in your home/business.

STEP 2 -  Choose Back-up System.  Determine if you want battery back-up as your ONT needs to be backed up by battery in case of a power failure; otherwise you will not have broadband service if the power goes out.

You can choose to purchase a battery backup from Lumen or obtain a battery backup unit on your own.  The CenturyLink technician will install the battery backup if you purchase it from Lumen.  If you want a battery backup unit from Lumen, ask the CenturyLink technician for one.

STEP 3 -  Be Home for Technician.  Ensure you or a caretaker (someone over 18 years old) is present when the technician arrives. Each installation varies but Lumen has indicated that a typical installation is between 2 and 4 hours to accomplish. The technician should have an id-badge from CenturyLink so that you can verify that the person is from Lumen/CenturyLink to install the equipment

To learn more about fiber equipment, use this link CenturyLink

Account & Tech SUPPORT

If you are having trouble with an installation order or technical difficulties after your installation Lumen has created a special hotline for your support.

Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm Local Time

OR you can email Lumen at

To report problems to Lumen or troubleshoot issues yourself after hours you can use Lumen's online help section if you have an internet connection.

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