Frequently Asked Questions

What am I signing up for?

Installation of High Speed Broadband Fiber Optic cable to my home or business. The sign up information will be sent to CenturyLink in early November. It will tell CenturyLink you are a Boulder Junction property owner/tenant who wants High Speed Fiber Optic Broadband installed to your home or business. It is critical you complete ALL information on the Sign-Up form. After CenturyLink loads the sign up information into its system you will be contacted to place a service order on their online portal shortly before High Speed Broadband service is available. Timing is dependent upon each Phase 1 project location, but is expected to be June through December 2021. Details.

How much will the service cost?

MONTHLY COST: CenturyLink High Speed Broadband - $49 (up to 100Mbps) to $65 (1Gbps) *Modems or special installation costs may apply to certain subscription services *CenturyLink has the right to change their service fees at anytime. The town of Boulder Junction has no involvement in CenturyLink Service Plans. Details.

Will CenturyLink continue their seasonal program?

CenturyLink has a vacation program, but restrictions apply.

When will I be contacted by CenturyLink?

CenturyLink will contact you after Sign Up so you can place a service order through their online portal. The service order will initiate the fiber optic cable drop to your home or business, the installation of required electronics, and activation of your service.

Do I need to be at my home / business when the Fiber Optic Cable is installed?

At some point someone will need to be at your home or business to allow for the electronics to be installed (if interior installation is agreed with CenturyLink) and then to activate your service. In addition, before the fiber optic cable drop is installed to your home or business non-utility (gas, power, telephone) items buried in the path of the fiber optical cable will need to be marked by you or someone familiar with their location.

Is my area included in Phase 1 of the project?

Please see the Phase 1 Project maps. Exact addresses will be available in the upcoming months. CenturyLink has made it clear they will not build beyond the Phase 1 Project Areas. Detailed Maps.

Can I keep my land line and my current phone number?

You will be able to keep your current telephone number. CenturyLink’s strategy is to replace their copper-based telephone service with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) using the fiber optic cable, but it is unsure if it will roll out that new technology for the Boulder Junction Phase 1 project or not. If they do not roll out this new technology in time, telephone service will continue to be provided via the current copper landline until CenturyLink changes it.

If I sign up now, will I be immediately billed for service I might not want?

Boulder Junction’s sign-up campaign is no risk to you. You will not commit to a CenturyLink subscription until you place an order with CenturyLink for fiber to be installed to your home or business and to get High Speed Broadband service (estimated to be in March to July 2021). Signing up now helps CenturyLink understand how successful this project can be for them as well as helping Boulder Junction’s chances of getting another Wisconsin Public Service Grant in 2021 for Phase 2 to get High Speed Broadband to the rest of the Town.

Can I still sign up for High Speed Broadband even thought the deadline has passed?

Yes. Installation may still be "Free" for late signups. CenturyLink will determine what the installation charge, if any, will be assessed to anyone who signs up after the October 31, 2020 Deadline. Go to Sign Up Page