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Come back here often to see updates on the process.


Sign Up 

If you want High Speed Broadband you need to sign up by October 31, 2020.

You can still sign up now, and it may still be possible for Free Installation.

If you sign up by the October 31st deadline you will receive Free Installation for Fiber Optic Broadband to your premise.

Some restrictions may apply.

Deadline for sign up for Phase 1 and Phase 2 is October 31, 2020.

You can still sign up now, and it may still be possible for Free Installation.


What am I signing up for?

What are you signing up for?

Sign up information will be sent to Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) for order generation.  It will tell Lumen you are a Boulder Junction property owner/tenant who wants High Speed Fiber Optic Broadband.  It is critical you complete ALL information on the form. 


Once you sign up you will need to place an order with Lumen (formerly CenturyLink)

Lumen will be creating an online portal for all who have signed up to receive High Speed Fiber Optic Broadband.  As soon as they have the portal set up, Lumen will be sending marketing materials to stakeholders giving them information on setting up their order.

View the specifics of the process in the agreement with Lumen.

View the entire Lumen Business Subsidy Agreement



Lumen will begin construction (dig/trench) fiber optic cable along roads and to homes and businesses starting in early 2021 and continue throughout 2021.

As soon as possible in 2021, Lumen will begin installation pedestals, connect the fiber to them, and then install fiber optic cable to the homes or businesses that has signed up for, and subscribed to, CenturyLink's High Speed Broadband service.

Once fiber is installed to the home or business, Lumen will contact you to schedule a time to install a box - optical network terminal (ONT) - to make the Highspeed Broadband usable.  Once this box is installed, Lumen will install a modem (additional costs may apply), which is needed to connect your computers, smart TVs, and other devices to the Internet.

You may want to add additional devices to your network to increase the speed and range of your network.  You are responsible for the cost and maintenance of all of those additional devices.

For more information on how Fiber Optic to the premise works click the image below.



Your Service

Decide upon the service you want – Link to Lumen Web site.  Lumen's pricing for 1Gbps High Speed Broadband service is very attractive at $65 per month (subject to change).  Less expensive packages are available for lower speeds. 



CenturyLink and Boulder Junction are focused on completing the first phase of the project by December 31, 2021.


Construction is scheduled to start in late 2020 and service turned on to 745 Town homes and businesses during the Summer and Fall of 2021, with Phase 1 of the project wrapped up by the end of 2021.

Work to achieve the stated goals of Phase 2 is presently in progress, designed to complete service to all remaining living units in the Boulder Junction Township.

A Unique Opportunity

Building our Community

Highspeed Broadband provides Boulder Junction the opportunity to advertise and market itself as a 1Gbps Highspeed Broadband community and start building Boulder Junction’s future.  Few communities with the natural beauty of the lakes and woods with the lovely downtown area and friendly residents have the powerful combination of nature and high tech.  Boulder Junction has always been and will continue to be a unique jewel in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and the USA. 





Better Defined

Here is the proposed 2020 project areas identified in black.  After CenturyLink completes project engineering these areas will become clearer.

Click each Map to enlarge it.








Project Maps


2021 Project.

Town Stakeholders, Board and CenturyLink to determine 2021 project. 

Boulder Junction’s Electors and Board committed to a two-year project to light the Town in fiber optic Highspeed Broadband.  The 2020 project covering 55% of the homes and businesses in Boulder Junction will tell us much about a second phase.  The COVID-19 situation has changed everything so as 2020 moves on Boulder Junction’s Electors and its Town Board will need to evaluate its finances and make step-by-step decisions about the next phase. 

Boulder Junction’s plan is to have CenturyLink submit another grant application with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission by December 1, 2020.  The Nation and State understand Highspeed Broadband is essential for rural communities to compete and stay economically viable.  Boulder Junction needs to be ready to submit its best grant application because communities all over Wisconsin are hungry for this grant funding to enhance their Broadband capabilities.  Options are always evaluated and the completion of Highspeed Broadband to the Town will be no different.

Like Phase one, Phase two will be dependent upon the overall project cost and reliance on getting the necessary grant funding.  If the 2021 application to the Wisconsin PSC is denied, Boulder Junction must modify its plans.  The good news is Boulder Junction has nearly $2.4million of the $3.8million remaining to complete the Town.


Finally, the Town’s goal is to install fiber optic Highspeed Broadband to every home and business that signs up by 2023.  If you fail to sign up now, you may be responsible for installation costs later, so why delay?  Sign up today!

This project has been completed and High-Speed Fiber Broadband is available to order for everyone in Phase 2.
This project has been completed and High-Speed Fiber Broadband is available to order for everyone in Phase 1.
  The Phase 1 Addresses that Brightspeed included in the project can be obtained by clicking on the link
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