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What this

means to

Boulder Junction.

The Future of Boulder Junction.

A more diversified, stable and sustainable economy year round.

Today’s Boulder Junction Economy relies on tourism as it has since the later days of the logging industry cut-over.  As the economy goes, so goes Boulder Junction’s economy.  With generational change and now with COVID-19, the rate of change is exponential.  Businesses that were successful for generations are now struggling, especially in retail.  In order to prepare and be successful for generations to come, Boulder Junction realizes it must diversify, change, and adapt.  

Since the early 1990s, the Internet has transformed how everything is done.  That transformation was slow at first, but since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, and especially since 2017, that transformation rate has exploded.  E-Commerce dominates.  Nearly all businesses use the Internet for commerce.  If a community does not have fast and reliable Broadband, it is left behind. 



Grow &


Strengthen Our Economy

Boulder Junction’s electors are looking forward and know High Speed Broadband provides the opportunity to diversify and strengthen its economy by recruiting these groups to its Town.

Remote Workers 


New Businesses

Young Families

Existing, Tourist-Based Businesses

High Speed


is essential.

Speed Need

It is a required utility, like electricity.

The key is to have High Speed Broadband as the foundation to diversify, grow, and stabilize the economy and keep the quaintness and friendliness of Boulder Junction while leveraging the outdoor traditions Boulder Junctioners have known and enjoyed for generations. 


After COVID-19, places like Boulder Junction will become oases for people from urban areas – many who can afford it will seek to move out of high population density urban areas.  That transition has already begun. 


Growing the tax based through higher valued properties and new businesses will lead to a reduced overall tax rate.  It is important to note, several studies have shown the availability of Broadband and even better Highspeed Broadband increases property values between 5 and 11 percent. 

Reasons to Invest in HSB

Improving the quality of life for residents, property owners and visitors.

Broadband infrastructure is essential to Vilas County's future.



• Keep seasonal residents and visitor here longer through Tele-Commuting

• Encourage more visitors to spend time in Boulder Junction

• Market Boulder to new high-tech, e-com and consulting businesses

• Market Boulder as a "Best Place to Live" town

• Recruit new and more employees for existing and new businesses

• Strengthen volunteerism for community events

• Increase property values from 5 to 11%

• Add to the tax roll by developing new properties and businesses

• Fill empty Downtown buildings



• Enhance and protect school enrollment

• Offer Tele-Education for our kids

• Offer access to real internet so all students can remain competitive in class

• Promote distance learning for adults



• Keep us in our homes longer through Tele-Health and Tele-Medicine

• Video conference with our families, friends and anyone else you want

• Access any information and conduct research



• Watch TV - cast away satellite dish and large monthly bills - No more cable TV

• Stream Movies and other online content

• Participate in global interactive gaming

Evidence HSB Helps Rural Communities

For small towns, having HSB can be a critical factor in growth and prosperity.

Studies have shown that increased internet access has

a positive affect on employment and economic growth in rural townships.


As cities get more expensive and telecommuting increasingly becomes the norm (21–25% of the US population telecommutes regularly according to a recent study) [3], living the quiet life in a small town has never been more practical.​

Small towns like these with competitive, functional high-speed broadband internet hint at a future where small town America can once again become a viable force in the national economy.*

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