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What this

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Options and Freedom... so many benefits.


Work remotely and live in Boulder Junction through Tele-commuting.

Remote working has become the norm for many people since 2015, and COVID-19 has shown it is a successful way for employees to work safely and efficiently from their homes wherever they may be.  As organizations recover from COVID-19, remote working will become the industry standard and people will travel less.


Family members and friends can visit Boulder Junction and stay longer free to work here as much or little as they like. 

According to an August 2014 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Economic Impact Study, Broadband and Vacation Properties, seasonal residents spend $74 a day. If a person stays for an additional month, that single person adds an additional $2,220 to the economy. If 1,000 people stay a month longer, $2,200,000 is injected into the local economy during that month.  If people choose to make Boulder Junction their full-time home, millions of dollars can be injected into the local economy leading to economic diversity and stability.  That must be the ultimate goal.


Your children can stay competitive with their peers all over the world through Tele-Education.

Education has become more and more popular and COVID-19 has made it a requirement.  In Boulder Junction and many other Towns in Vilas County, students are struggling to do their Tele-Education assignments because of the lack of fast and reliable Highspeed Broadband.  Boulder Junction’s Highspeed Broadband project will put those students on even ground with their peers. 


Shift faster to Tele-Health to stay in your home more often and longer by connecting electronically with doctors and health care professionals.

Tele-Health significantly reduces medical costs.  Tele-Health and Medicine is one of the fastest growing industries and is good for all of us.  The common denominator is fast and reliable Highspeed Broadband.


Entertainment is changing from 45 year old cable and satellite TV systems to all types of content delivered via the Internet

With today’s computers, tablets, and smart TVs connected to Highspeed Broadband nearly any type of entertainment is available to you and usually at a lower cost than cable and satellite TV, that is prown to service interruptions.


How Might

it Impact


Projected Tax Impact

& Monthly Costs

Here is your estimated tax impact and an example of an overall financial impact.

The Town is still working with Robert W. Baird & Company to determine final financing costs depending upon the bond specifics and timing, but the table below describes a potential tax impact.

High Speed Broadband Project 2020-21

2-Year High Speed Fiber Optic HSBB

Living Units-1353

Total Project Cost-$7,500,000

CenturyLink Contribution- $1,200,000

Proposed Grant Funding- $2,500,000 over 2 yrs

Boulder Junction's Direct Cost- $3,800,000

Tax Impact per $1,000 of Value @ 20yrs- $0.24 = $48 per year

Tax Impact per $1,000 of Value @ 15yrs- $0.60 = $120 per year

Tax Impact on a $200k Home/Business- $48/20yrs or $120/15yrs


Savings to


There could be a cost savings after considering the big picture.

This graphic considers the Net/Net for a potential consumer.  As you can see below, overall costs could be cut in half – That is right……a cost savings

NOTE - For illustration only. Individual costs may vary.




Direct TV or Dish TV - $60 to $120

HughesNet / Karban / Verizon Broadband - $60 to $120

CenturyLink / Frontier Telephone - $25 to $50

TOTAL = $145 to $290





High Speed Broadband - $49(up to 100Mbps) to $65(1Gbps)

*Modems or special installation costs may apply to certain subscription services

Streaming TV - $0 to $60

(No additional cost if you already have an account

 No contracts or installation costs)

Additional Tax - $0.50 to $4.17

($200k home for a 20yr loan, depending on Option)

TOTAL = $49.50 to $129.17

How much will this cost?

Free installation of fiber optic Highspeed Broadband if you sign up. 

You must sign-up for free installation of fiber optic cable to your home or business including the optical network terminal (ONT) that will be installed on or in your home or business.  You are responsible for ordering and paying for CenturyLink’s High Speed Broadband service including telephone bundling. 

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